Superfood for Healthy Living!

Experts agree that oats are one of the healthiest foods that should be included in daily diet. When those oats are organic and complemented with goji berries you have quite a treat! Goji berries, fresh or dried belong to a category of Superfoods.

When such a product needs to hit the shelves of the supermarkets then it needs to stand out from the crowd. As per client wishes our main motivation was freshness and quality. Our task was to design a wrapping for such a magnificent superfood. We focused on the presentation to truly present the high-quality product.

Our vision included fresh colors that would immediately catch the eye of the buyer. The buyer also needed to be aware of the great ingredients of the bar. It contains no artificial flavours and colours.

Since the bars will be individually packed we decided on the white color of the background in combination with the gold colours that are associated with gold and green elements that represent the freshness and the reds that represent goji berries.

It needed a new approach for modern times and well-emphasized goji berries and superfoods.

For the international markets, the wrap was designed in English and Croatian language. In case you find yourself in the bar lane in the supermarket make sure to check this wonderful and super healthy product.