A client asked us to create new branding for the natural honey that comes from the nearby hills in Gorski-kotar County.

Super busy bees collect nectar from the wildflowers and forests. The result is all-natural honey in several flavors, thick in consistency in a variety of colors depending on the season and a smooth texture that simply melts in the mouth.

Honey Jar Design

The client wanted to change the whole branding for the honey products that included the company logo, labels for the various types of the jars, design of the memo, envelope, pen, business card, stickers for the envelopes and others.

Honey jar logo construction

In this process, we wanted to show the real quality of the products. The logo presents the natural sources of the nectar that bees are foraging in the forests and meadows of the Gorski-kotar. The colors are light and invigorating in combination with the serenity of the forest. As if the bees enjoy it right?

Logo construction in different backgrounds

The logo was created for the the portrait and landscape shape on the various backgrounds. The primary colors are grey, white and orange.

Honey Jar Design Typography

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